Angled woven rainbow

I do not have a proper source for Keats’ alleged accusation to Newton – that he had destroyed the wonder of the rainbow by reducing it to prismatic colours. It might be that he never said any such thing. I’m sorry, Keats, if this is only a rumour that keeps following you around. It must be maddening. Especially when you went on the record with Beauty is truth, truth beauty.

Stacked modulesBut I should think most people who’ve heard that line have thought the same thing in response to it. It’s a bit dog-in-the-manger. Just because you’d rather not know why certain things are as they are, that’s no reason for everybody else to avoid thinking about them. For lots of people, understanding how something came about is a gain, not a loss. (Richard Dawkins spent a whole book saying so, and it’s rather a good read.) Seven stacks

Here, Keats. I put this rainbow back together. There aren’t any diagrams (yet), so you can rest easy. There probably will be, though, so enjoy the mystery while it lasts.

Woven rainbow