One silver rectangle*, A4 in this case.

It becomes seven smaller silver rectangles – two A6, three A7, and two A8.

Tangram divisionThey become seven Tangram tiles.

Seven tiles folded

Seven Tangram tiles become, well, anything.

Seven tiles square

This is a good office fidget, because it’s so fast and easy to construct and you can probably put your hands on a sheet of A4 paper without too much trouble.

Here’s how you do it. See here for the waterbomb base.

Silver Tangram (pdf)

Thanks to the friends who test-folded these: you know who you are!

*Any rectangle where the long edge is √2 times the length of the short edge. If you divide one in half, each of the halves has exactly the same aspect ratio as the original. A4 paper is a silver rectangle, as is A3 or A5 (and so on) or B4 and its family. If you live in the US  then I do not know what tricks your standard paper sizes do – sorry! But you can trim it appropriately by doing careful things with diagonals.