It was like this, officer. What happened was that the lovely Triona of Science is Delicious very kindly read through the diagrams for these units, and then I kind of completely failed to do anything. You know how, sometimes, you procrastinate a little bit and then tell yourself Well, when I get around to doing this I’ll do it so well it will be totally worth the wait. Only then the task you’re avoiding becomes bigger, and harder to start, so you decide to take your time so that when you do get around to it you will do such a spectacular job that the ridiculous amount of time it’s taken will be totally justified, but then… you can see where this is going.

Anyway this really isn’t a result exciting enough to wait months for, but the random number generator in charge of my to-do list (Yep. A random number generator is actually MORE organised than me. Sad, eh?) decided it was time to publish this so… here you go.

Divot Units

Actually, shortly after drawing these up it struck me that I’d missed a much simpler way of folding them. But on past form, it seems a bad idea to get into that now. We’d probably be here all year.

A simple spin on Catherine Abbot’s napkin rings

If procrastinating was an olympic sport, I would definitely medal.