Harrumph. Hellooooo? Is this thing on?

So here’s a blog, right, for all my origami pictures and diagrams to live in. They’re mostly modular origami, but only mostly; sometimes the craftiness gets out of control and escapes from origami entirely and turns into baking or sewing or something.

To start off, here’s a nice simple modular unit to try out – the Rum & Raisin unit. Yes, that’s a terribly silly name for it. It’s not entirely my fault. Homemade fudge was involved.

12, 30 and 24-unit assemblies(clockwise from top)

If you’d like some Rum & Raisin structures of your very own, here’s what you do. There’s a bit of leeway on the exact shape of the rectangle you start with. I used A6 because that’s most easily available in these parts. Quarters of whatever shape of paper you get in ordinary notebooks wherever you are is probably fine too.

Rum & Raisin Units (pdf)

Six of these will get you a nice stellated tetrahedron. That is fancy talk for “a pyramid with an extra pyramid stuck to each face”. Have fun!